Writing and Expressive Arts Workshops

Workshops can be done on Zoom to anywhere in the world or in person.

These workshops can be tailored to your group’s needs . The length, price and design of the workshops will vary according to the need of the organization.

Please get in touch for more information and to book a workshop.

“I want to raise personal, social, and global awareness through the creation of writing and the arts, collaborating and working together.”

– Bonnie Nish

Creative Writing Workshops

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Coping with Ambiguous Loss Writing Workshop

How do you deal with the emotions that accompany something that almost defies explanation?
Writing is one way to allow yourself to grieve, speak, be seen, and be with the emotions which may accompany unclear and confusing circumstances in your life.

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Identity Collage: Places of Origin And Residency

How does your place of origin factor into the world around you? What have you kept with you and what have you discarded? Let the words fall onto the page as we discover how our heritage can enrich our writing and communities to engage us in new ways.

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Spring Cleaning

Spring is a time for a thorough cleaning whether it is clearing the dust bunnies from under the bed or the cobwebs from your sleepy winter brain. Discover your words again, in this interactive 2 hour writing workshop. Explore ways to connect to your words and help to clear space for new ideas.


Expressive Arts Workshops

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Expressive Arts

Roots: The Locations Of Identity

In this interactive art-based workshop we will examine the roots of our identity, exploring what grounds us.
In this workshop through individual and community art making, you will find the space once again to enliven memory, deepen awareness and stretch into that which gives you life. A hands-on workshop that will revive, enlighten and lead you to follow your heart.

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Expressive Arts

Concussion Workshop 1
Remapping You

This hands-on expressive arts workshop will lead you through the grief of letting go and reassembling who you are now after a traumatic brain injury. Embracing the frustration of becoming the new you and celebrating this transformation is a validating practice. Mapping out this path through the arts is an enriching experience. Whether you are a person who has suffered a concussion or has had a loved one who has been affected by MTBI this is for you.

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Expressive Arts

Concussion Workshop 2

Healing from a Traumatic Brain Injury is as individual as each hit to the head. No one can tell you how long it will take or what that healing will look like. Yet there are some things that can help along the way. This workshop builds on examining the frustrations and excitement of the new you and how the world around you responds to that. Whether you are a person who has suffered a concussion or has had a loved one who has been affected by MTBI this is for you.

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Expressive Arts

Concussion Workshop 3
The Ambiguous Loss Of Concussion (For Care-givers)

Watching the person you have known a certain way for years disappear in front of your eyes can be devasting. How do you best deal with this? More importantly how do you take care of yourself while caring for someone else? Expressive arts allow you to grieve, speak, move, laugh, be seen, and be with the emotions which may accompany unclear and confusing circumstances in your life. Come find a place where you can find yourself again in order to cope with the circumstances you are now in.


Workshops For Professionals

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Expressive Arts

Self-Care For Health Care Professionals

Self-Care is critical for all health care professionals. Practicing self-care empowers one to be present for those who seek help with an open heart, a patient mind and emotional safety.
Being witness to someone's life journey is one of the most honouring experience practitioners engage in. Taking time to be witnessed in one’s own journey provides an opportunity for those engaged in this work to receive this same heartfelt experience. This is a three-hour workshop that helps to refresh, restore and rediscover who you are. Strip away the extraneous bits that drain you and strengthen that which revives your soul.

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Expressive Arts

Concussion Workshop For Practitioners

This workshop is designed to help you understand some of the frustrations your clients deal with on a daily basis. This is for all health care practitioners wanting to find ways to deal with your patients, or groups of registered physical therapists. Using the expressive arts allows for us to let go of the everyday and imagine about the strength that it takes for someone to come back from this kind of injury. Learn more about the courage it takes for someone who has experienced a brain injury to piece their life back together.